Quilt Documentations Project Being Held at:

Caopper Canyon Quilts
375 El Camino Way
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

Phone: 928-855-0445


Call store for dates and times.

(First Documenting was held on July 14, 2016 -- 2:00pm)





   In 1986 a group of 13 women launched the Arizona Quilt Project with a goal of recording and photographing as many pre-1940 quilts as possible in Arizona. By 1992 over 2774 quilts had been recorded as documented in the video, “Quilts: Pieces of Time”. Fast forward twenty-five years – the Arizona Quilt Project was reborn with a lofty goal of documenting EVERY quilt, new and old, in the state of Arizona. Each documented quilt is entered into the database, The Quilt Index, at Michigan State University. Today the database houses over 50,000 quilts and is the major resource for quilt scholarship.

   The quilt documentation event has come to Havasu, destined to be a regular part of each Havasu Stitchers general meeting! The group forming in Havasu will meet beginning July 14 during the early afternoon. A group of quilt documentors will be coming and will welcome Havasu quilt lovers to shadow them during the training session. They will advise Havasu participants in the process of documenting any quilt. A number of Havasu Stitchers have already participated in different quilt documentation events held in Kingman so they’re familiar with the process, but to shadow quilt documentors and then form our own documentation team is a giant step towards success for our guild. The various positions needed include scribes, wranglers, station attendees, intake table coordinator, librarian, photographer, and of course, quilt owners with beautiful quilts. You will learn more about quilts than you ever knew! Please join us. Shirley Johnson and Sherri Ashford

   Your quilt will be documented, photographed and stored for your posterity!! Kinda like the genealogy of quilts!

   Want to do your own??? If your quilt is "yours" and you know everything about it, then yes, complete the paperwork, Release Form and the Overall Quilt Description Form (7pgs) and send 3 photographs (1-Overall, 1-Upclose, 1-Back including the label) of your quilt to us we can get you into the database - send to Havasu Stitchers, PO Box 2875, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404.

   All the forms are here for you to download, fill out and mail in.


  Sarah McNary -- August 2016  
  Hello Stitchers,   

  Last month, I knew nothing about quilt documentation but went along with my quilt and I learned a lot. I made a short video (less than 2 minutes long) to explain the process in case you too have been wanting to know more.

  Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3VMiBaVC3k  

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Quilt Documentation Forms

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Quilt Documentation Ownership Contact Information Revised 2017
Quilt Documentation Form (Pages 1 thru 7) Revised 2017
Quilt Documentation Checklist

Quilt Documentation Release Form

** Please Note: All files are in .PDF format.

Revised 2017